Aya Harune

Aya's Prism Show Outfit

Personal Data
Name Aya Harune (Renjouji)
Age 13, 14
Birthday October 3
Birthplace Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Current Residence Akihabara, Toyko, Japan
Character Trait Polite, can be stubborn and rude
Special Skill

Fashion, Bass, Violin


Edel Rose

Dear Crown

Prism Roses

Coach Berri
Style Sexy and sometimes Cool
Love Interest Hikaru Toudou

Miku Harune - Sister

Aira Haurne - Mother

Sho Harune - Father

Bell Renjouji - Adopted Mother

Kaori Renjouji - Adopted Sister

Theme Color(s) Red, Crimson, Night Black, White, Rainbow

"The Beauty of Roses, Aya!" 

Ayaka "Aya" Harune (Renjouji) is the sister of Miku, the biological daughter of Aira and Sho and the adopted daughter of Bell Renjouji. Aya has a sister Kaori but since Aya is adopted they are not biological sisters. She is the manager and new designer of Dear Crown, her biological father Sho and herself are rivals is in fashion designing. She is very good at fashion designing and coordinating. Aya also knows how to place bass and violin. She is the leader of Prism Unit Prism Roses along with Mizuki and Kaori, her adopted sister. Her rival is Miku and Aya has a crush on Hinamori's brother, Hikaru. Aya is also known by her fans as The Beauty of Roses. 


Aya is a bit rude and stubborn to others but is very polite to others in the public or to people who are older then her.

Pretty Rhythm: Stars Reborn!Edit

Aya has also lost her memories as a child like Miku, so she doesn't remember anything of her real parents or her sister. Bell Renjouji found her and adopted her. Bell also had a daughter, Kaori before she found Aya. Kaori and Aya have always been like sisters to each other, but they have no idea that they are not biological sisters.

One day while Aya was doing a Prism Show, she accidentally performed a Prism Act called Beautiful Rainbow Memory, the same time Miku performed it while she was out on their 13th birthday.

Prism JumpsEdit

Aya can do 3 consecutive Prism Jumps. Later, she was able to do 4 consecutive Prism Jumps. She is the top Prism Star at Edel Rose. She has 11 Prism Jumps and can do the Aurora Rising: Final but only once. 

Prism Act: The Beauty of Roses

Prism Live: Sexy (Prism Rainbow Bass)

Prism Live: Cool (Prism Rainbow Bass)

1. Black Rainbow Rhythm

2. Sexy Splash

3. Beautiful Red Roses

4. Rainbow Rose Dream

5. Cool Splash

6. Cool Rose Crown

7. Magical Rainbow Road

8. Beautiful Black Rainbow Dance

9. Rainbow Star Magic

10. Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel Final

11. Aurora Rising: Final

Prism StonesEdit

Aya has collected all of the Prism Stones needed to make the Prism Angel Decor. Since Aya has the Night Black Prism Angel Necklace stone, she has the Night Black Prism Angel Decor.