AIRA HaruneEdit

Nome AIri Harune
Age 16
birthday April-12-1990
Birthplace Tokyo

Resident Place

Blood Type A+
Astrological Sign Gemini
Character Trait Kind and Funny
Special Skills singing and Dancing
Style Pop and Lovely and Kawaii
Coach Harune Aira

Pretty Top

Prism Stone

Romantic Interset Zero Saki
Color(s)Main Orange and Neon Blue


Prism Jumps:

  1. Fresh Fruit Basket ~ Fresh Fruit Paradise ~Fresh Fruit Paradise
  2. Mune Kyun Taiken ~ Mune Kyun Taiken Kyun Kyun(Perfect)
  3. Heartfull Splash(Solo and with Rizumu)
  4. Colorfull Choco Parade (With Rizumu)
  5. Lovely Rainbow
  6. Crystal Splash
  7. Miss Fairy Girl
  8. Sparkling Blooming Love Flowers (Solo and with Mion)
  9. Valentine Sweets Parade
  10. Mugen Eternal Hug
  11. Aurora Rising Dream
  12. kawaii Splash
  13. lovely Spring


mY sister name is Harune Aira and I come from a popluar and famous group