Template:Infobox Jewelpet Diana (ダイアナ Daiana) is a Dark Magic using Jewelpet who serves as an Antagonist in the Pretty Rhythm : Happiness Jewel. She, alongside Dian, serves as the main antagonist in the second series and then became the Jewelpet Partner of Kuromi Himuro in Happiness Jewel.


Diana is described to be a black Munchkin with white paws and a white hair fluff on her head. Usually, she wears a lace-trimmed pink waistcoat, a pink bow, and a heart-shaped Diamond necklace.


Diana is selfish and boastful in her outside traits but the truth is she is very kind she is always in Kuromi Himuro in Happiness Jewel. she didn't like Moon.


Diana's Jewel is Diamond. Her power is Charm (when she is not using Dark Magic). Her spell: Dark Dark Pink Ice Diamond Jewel Flash!


Diana's Jewel Charm has the color of Black and Pink. The shape of her Jewel Charm is like a house and has small Diamond shapes on it.


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Diana's Jewel motif is the Diamond, which is considered as the most valuable gemstone to mankind as well as the most hardest material ever existed. It is also one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, emerald, and ruby.
  • Diana is also considered as a Birthstone Jewelpet, symbolizing the month of April. Her birthdate, April 20 is considered as the birthdate of George Takei.
  • Diana is the second Jewelpet to have an alias in the later episodes, the other being Dian.
  • Diana and Dian are the only Jewelpet characters who were born as siblings.