Hello☆Super Idol is Pretty Rhythm : Revolution first episode.


On one night at Ayase Naru and Mihama Kouji home again arrivals another girl named Miya she admitted that she had forgotten her memories. Rinne came back to Japan and said that Prism Sparkle lost again, and Miya is a cousin of Rinne.

Kuromi Himuro is a 15-year-old girl who is a gothic-style. she is a famous prism star star. She was able to do 5 consecutive Prism Jumps. switch to another side, Mihama Yuuki a 14-year-old girl and a lovely style, she have a fashion experts. she was was initially not want to be a prism star like her mother, but after her best friend Nishina Reika asked her to watch the Kuromi's prism show. Yuuki become wants to be a prism star like Kuromi, can Yuuki do that?

Character ApperanceEdit

Kuromi Himuro

Hayami Himeka

Mihama Yuuki

Nishina Reika


Hijiri Himuro

June Amou

Ayase Naru

Mihama Kouji

Interst SongEdit

Manjor EventEdit

  • in this episode is Kuromi and Yuuki first prism show debut
  • in this episode Kuromi do 5 consecutive Prism Jumps