This Is Pretty Rhythm : Revolution Episode second episode.


after Yuuki accepted as a prism star from Prism Stone, Prism Stone seeking A New Patissiere after Fukuhara Ann get married.Yuuki's friend named Nishina Reika was offered, and Reika perform Prism live for first time.

Character AppearancesEdit

Kuromi Himuro

Hayami Himeka

Mihama Yuuki

Nishina Reika

Dj Coo

Chisato Ibara/ Momo

Nishina Kazuki

Fukuhara Ann



Manjor EventEdit

  • in thsi episode that known Reika loves making sweets and her dream is to be a pâtissière, just like her mother.
  • in this episode Reika do a prism live for her first time
  • second pair cheer friend is born