Haru Takamine
Personal Data
Name Haruko Takamine
Age 14
Birthday April 27
Birthplace Rome, Italy
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type AB
Astological Sign Taurus
Charater Trait Tsundere, can change personalities, boyish
Special Skill Singing

Pretty Top

Prism Stone

Pretty Prisms

Style Cool and Femininme
Coach Femicol

Mion Takamine - Mother

Wataru Takamine - Father

Theme Color(s) Light Blue, yellow

"Kawaii no desu, Haru!" - her catchphrase duing Prism Shows

Haruko "Haru" Takamine is the daughter of Mion and Wataru Takamine. Haru is part Italian and part Japanese. Haru is very talented in singing like her mother and she is a tsundere like her mother as well. Haru can also be very kind and friendly to others and is a bit boyish but can be very girly. She is already a very famous Prism Star like Aya, although Haru's rival is not Aya, but Kaori. 

Pretty Rhythm: Stars Reborn!Edit

Prism JumpsEdit

Haru can do 3 consecutive jumps, and also a Prism Act and Prism Live. She has 9 Prism Jumps. Even though is was able to do a Prism Angel or an Aurora Rising, she choose to do a different Prism Jump like her mother.

Prism Live: Cool (Prism Rainbow Drums)

Prism Live: Feminime (Prism Rainbow Drums)

Prism Act: 

1. Colorful Star Magic Rhythm

2. Feminime Splash

3. Cool Splash

4, Eternal Cherry Bloosom

5. Cool Beat Song

6. Rainbow Song

7. Pretty Rhythm: Colorful Prism

8. Eternal Final Song 

9. Femicol Star Power

Prism StonesEdit