Haruna Hoshimiya
Personal Data
Name Haruna Hoshimiya
Age 14
Birthday Febuary 21
Character Trait A bit bossy but very caring
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type O




Pop, Cool, Lovely

Speical Skill All-Around
Coach Mina

The Starlights (Center)

Pretty Top

Prism Stone

Prism Live Instrument Violin
Romantic Interset
Amine Debut (PRPS) Episode 1

Ari Hoshimiya - Mother

Takeshi Hoshimiya - Father

Main Color(s) Red, Orange, Pink
Seiyuu [Asumi ]

"I will become a star!"

Haruna Hoshimiya is the main protagonist of Pretty Rhythm Prism Starlight. She is in the 8th grade at Sakuragi Academy in Japan and is in the Prism Dance Club at the school. She is the childhood friend and best friend of Sakura Takashi, and their families are very close. Haruna is the center of The Starlights, a Prism Unit she is in with Sakura and Mina. Haruna is one of the few people who have the aura of the Prism Starlight. Her main color is red, with orange and pink and her special skill is All-Around.


Haruna is a kind-hearted and caring girl, but at times she can be a bit bossy and pushy. She cares a lot for her friends and other people close to her. 

Role In The PlotEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Haruna can do 3 consecutive Prism Jumps and later 4. She is in the Prism Dance Club at school and is Co-Captian with her best friend Sakura Takashi. Haruna also did the legendary prism jump Starlight Aurora: Dream during the Prism Queen Cup.

Prism Act: Stunning Star Aura Dance

Prism Live 

  1. Pop Splash
  2. Cool Splash
  3. Lovely Splash
  4. Beautiful Rainbow Starlight Shower (Her signature jump)
  5. Fresh Fruits Basket
  6. Angel Kiss
  7. Cherry Blossom Garden
  8. Starlight Aurora: Dream (Legendary Prism Jump (PRPS))


  • She has the same seiyuu as [Harune,]Kana Asumi.
  • She is a big fan of Miku Harune and Naru Ayase.