Himeka Hayami

Himeka Hayami

hayami himeka

Personal Data

Name Himeka Hayami (速水姫香; Hayami Himeka)
Age (Revolution) 15
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Special Skill Can speak 5 different languages, play piano, and violins, dance.

Edel Rose

étincelle étoiles

Animal Coach Cool-Chi
Prism Live Instrument Violin
Theme Color Red
Fashion Element Cool
Romantic Interest Suzuki Toma
Anime Debut (Revolution) Episode 1


Family Members

Ritsu Renjouji (GrandMother)

Unnamed Grandfather (GrandFather)

Bell Renjouji (Mother)

Hiro Hayami (Father)

Japanese Nana Mizuki
Himeka Gallery

Himeka Hayami (速水姫香 Hayami Himeka?) is one of Pretty Rhythm : Revolution main character. she is a daughter of Hiro Hayami and Bell Renjouji. she is a cool style type and her suit is spade. She is Kuromi Himuro bestfriend.


She has flaming red hair and a shade of pinkish red for her eye color. She also wears a white pin with a yellow diamond on her hair.


She have a cool personality, and she very care with her bestfriend Kuromi. She is a second character with tsundere type after Kuromi.

She dislike Rikka, no matter what. And she is a rival of Nishina Reika.

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Magical Time

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