Hayami Hiroto is one of love interest in Pretty Rhythm : Revolution. He have a bestfriend named Suzuki Toma. Hiroto is Hayami Himeka big brother.

Hiroto Hayami

Hayami Hiroto

Hiroto Hayami

Personal Data

Name (Hiroto Hayami 速水裕人; Hayami Hiroto)
Age (Revolution) 16
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Leo
Special Skill Can Play all music instrumental ,Manipulating people, Dance, Sing.

Edel Rose

Dear Crown


Animal Coach none
Prism Live Instrument None
Theme Color Black
Fashion Element Gothic
Romantic Interest Kuromi Himuro
Anime Debut (Revolution)

Episode 6


Family Members

Hiro's mother (Grandmother)

Hayami Hiro (Father)

Bell Renjouji (mother)

Hayami Himeka (Sister)

Japanese Tetsuya Kakihara
Hiroto Gallery


Hiroto is a tall, lean-built but slender young man. He has short, messy purple hair, which reaches just over his shoulders, and red eyes.


Hiroto is a reserved and mysterious person. he seldom smiled except when doing activities as a prism star. even so he was very concerned about his sister "Himeka", Its a bit like his father. however, when he dealing with Kuromi it a little more friendly and not be cold.

Image SongEdit

Pride Hiroto Ver.

Blow Away feat Toma.


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Toma and Hiroto

Toma and Hiroro

He and Toma are a good friend from childhood, and Toma is her partner as an prism unit that is prince♥crown before Ichi, Narumi, and Kaname join.

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Ichi Kiryu

Ichi Kiryu

He and Ichi first are a rival, but later they become a good friend.

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Narumi Takuma

Narumi Takuma

He and Narumi doesn't have a bad relationship. They are a rival not for as prism star but for love. Narumi is a second people who know Hiroto is in love with Kuromi.

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