Hinamori Toudou

Hinamori's Prism Show Outifit

Personal Data
Name Hinamori Toudou
Age 14
Birthday October 2
Birthplace Toyko, Japan
Current Residence Akihabara, Toyko, Japan
Blood Type O
Astrological Sign Libra
Style Pop and Feminine
Character Trait Kind, Friendly, and Caring
Special Skill Dance and Fashion
Coach Popifemi

Pretty Top

Prism Stone

Pretty Prisms


Hikaru Toudou - Older Brother

Rizumu Toudou - Mother

Hibiki Toudou - Father

Kanon Toudou - Aunt

Theme Color(s) Aqua Blue, Light Blue, Light Purple, Violet

"Hinamori is here and leave it all to me!"

Hinamori Toudou is the deuteragonist of Prerry Rhythm Stars Reborn and is the daughter of Rizumu and Hibiki Toudou and is the younger sister of Hikaru Toudou. Hinamori is very caring, friendly and kind to others, but she also likes to tease her friends a lot. Her best friends are Miku Harune and Haru Takamine. She is knows that Miku likes her brother and teases her about it and then Miku shows her tsudere side. Hinamori is very good in reasoning and in debates. Her and her brother are very competative of each other and are rivals. Mizuki is also Hinamori's rival.


Hinamori is a cheerful and caring, she is very motherly and Miku and Haru usually talk to her if they have problems.

Pretty Rhythm: Stars Reborn!Edit

Prism JumpsEdit

Hinamori is the top Prism Star at her school. She can do 3 consecutive jumps but after a very long time a practicing. Later, sh was able to do 4 consecutive jumps. She can also a Prism Live and a Prism Act.

Prism Act: Poppin' Star Light Way

Prism Live: Pop (Prism Rainbow Keybord)

Prism Live: Feminine (Prism Rainbow Keybord)

1. Violet Pop Rhythm (signature jump and 1st form of Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel)

2. Pop Splash

3. Feminine Splash

4. Stardust Shower

5. Golden Star Magic

6. My Fashion City

7. Pretty Rhythm: Violet Prism FemiPop (2nd form)

8. Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel Final (3rd and last form)

9. Aurora Rising: Final

Prism StonesEdit

Hinamori has collected all of the Prism Stones needed to make the Prism Angel Decor, but insted of having one of the necklaces, she has a Elegant Prism Angel Bracelet given to her by her mother Rizumu. So Hinamori has the Elegant Prism Angel Decor.