Mina Saito
Personal Data
Name Mina Saito
Age 13, 14
Birthday November 30
Character Trait Childish, Spaces out a lot, energetic
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type A
Astrological Sign
Style Pop
Special Skill Singing and Songwriting
Coach Muse

The Starlights (Songwritter)

Pretty Top

Prism Stone

Prism Live Instrument Drums
Romantic Interest
Anime Debut (PRPS) Episode 1

Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Main Color(s) Blue with yellow and green


Mina Saito is one of the main characters of Pretty Rhythm Prism Starlight. She is the youngest of The Starlights and is the songwriter of the group. Mina is very good friends with Haruna and Sakura, and they have known each other for a long time. She is very childish and spaces out a lot. Her main color is blue with green and yellow. Haruna's special skill is singing and songwriting. Her style is Pop.


Mina is a very childish girl and is also energetic. At times, she spaces out and doesn't know whats going on. She cares a lot for her friends and tries to cheer them up when they are down.

Role In The PlotEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

Mina can do 3 consectuive Prism Jumps and later 4, a while after Sakura. 

Prism Act: Dreamy Wonderland 

Prism Live

  1. Pop Splash
  2. Dance, Sing, Dream! (Her signature jump)
  3. Pop'n Candy Rocket