Makoto Kamishiro


Personal Data

Name  Makoto Kamishiro (神城誠';Kamishiro Makoto)
Age (All Star Consellation) 20
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Special Skill Making Lyrics
Affiliation Dear Princess
Romantic Interest Inori Hoshimiya
Anime Debut (All Star Consellation)

Episode 1


Family Members

Kei Kamishiro (Grandfather)
Japanese Tomoaki Maeno

Makoto Kamishiro (神城誠 Kamishiro Makoto?) is the secondary characters from Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation. He is the manager of Dear Princess, her hobby is making lyrics just like Kouji Mihama.


Makoto is a fairly tall man with a lean yet well built physique, light coloured skin, long blond hair and blue eyes. His typical attire consists on black pants, shoes and shirt, with a Funeral Parlor long coat, being black with a red middle strip.


Just like Inori, her personality is emotionless and cold. But when with Inori , her personality change caring , friendly and her personality is more open than usual like sad or happy. Only Inori and her grandfather know her feelings.