She is one of the characters of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. She is very good at deco-ing things, and ends up deco-ing everything she sees, a bit of an airhead, she has a dream to own a Prism Shop like Dear Crown and Prism Stone (Shop). She can see the "color" of the music And and can smell the "scent" of music. Her style is Feminine.


See also Midori Aoki/List of Outfits


She can be a very docile girl and has the taste of a little girl, she have a huge imagination which she can use to make up stories on the spot, a very nice person, can be very timid and shy at times, knows how to make tea splendidly, can be completely hesitant at time, and never speaks up her opinions because of lack of confidence and have a habit of apologising. But she soon too have a cheerful, vey friendly and lighthearted personality, she please others with a graceful and refreshing aura, decorating items is one of her strong points and can be considered as one of her hobbies, she tries to get along with many people, especially those who might seem scary at first, she is also really perceptive to people's emotions, soon she decided to try new things on her own.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism Jumps Edit

Single JumpsEdit

Rose Tornado - she does a Salchow jump. She plays a flute while the rose petals starts to form a tornado around her, lifting her higher and then it exploded leaving behind petals falling over the stage. When the petal touch they turn into fireworks.

Crystal Star Break - "Crystal…" There was crystal around her that was a shape of a star. (She's inside the heart crystal) "Star Break!" Then Misaki spread her arms and legs out and the crystal star broke into little tiny heart pieces.


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