Hime Miyazaki



Personal Data

Name Hime Miyazaki (宮崎姫; Miyazaki Hime)
Age (Tail Of Muse) 14
Birthday unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Pisces
Special Skill Modeling
Affiliation Edel Rose Academy

Loli Gothic

Dear Crown

Animal Coach Gothic
Theme Color Black
Romantic Interest Yunsu


Family Members

Japanese Natsumi Takamori

Hime Miyazaki (宮崎姫; Miyazaki Hime) is one of main character of Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse. She is a top prism star from Edel Rose Team B. And she is Sora Hoshina's rival.


Hime has light blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair curled and in twintail fashion with blue hair ties supporting her tails. when her hair unravel to the waist and can sometimes wear glasses.


Hime is very confident, mature and a professional when it comes to any audition or competition. She is well known about her vampire character both around the academy and the outside public.

Image SongEdit

Glass Doll