Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation (プリティーリズム:オールスター星座 Purizumu : Orusuta Seiza?) is the third fan series of User:BellRose~. And this an series a squale of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, and the last main characters do not appear, but the original character ofrainbow live appear. Here have the new features that is Prism Constellation and there have a new Tournaments and new events.

Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation's episode


Dear PrincessEdit

Dear Princess is a new prism star agency like edel rose and prism stone. They was the founded new fatures of prism live, that is Prism Consellation.

Inori Hoshimiya (星宮祈り Hoshimiya Inori?) - is a new top model of Dear Princess along with Mana Hishikawa. She seems have feeling with her manajer, Makoto Kamishiro. Inori is a star type, and her prism live instrument is Flute, Her pair cheer friend named Ribbon.

Mana Hishikawa (菱川マナ Hishikawa Mana?) - is also a new top model of Dear Princess along with Inori. She have a older brother named Seiji Hishikawa. She is a Cool type , her prism live instrument is Harp, Her pair cheer fried named Chiffon. Mana is a big fan of Bell Renjouji.

Kirara Kasugano (春日野きらら Kasugano Kirara?) - is the famous singer of Dear Princess. She is a feminine type, her prism live instrumental is Saxophone. She fall in love with Seiji Hishikawa.

Sakura Hanasaki (花咲さくら Hanasaki Sakura?) - is the top model from Dear Princess.She is a lovely type and her prism live instrument is Orange Guitar. She seems along with Sora Kanzaki.

Sora Kanzaki (神崎そら Kanzaki Sora?) - is the designer from Dear Princess. She is a sexy type and he prism live instruments is Tampani. She seems along with Sakura Hanasaki.

Happy RainEdit

Naru Ayase - She is a prism stone shop manager. a new prism queen and her prism live instruments is Pink Guitar.

Ann Fukuhara -

Ito Suzuno -

Rinne -

Bell RoseEdit

Bell Renjouji -

Otoha Takanashi ASC -

Wakana Morizono -