Pretty Rhythm : Happiness Jewel (Happinesu Jueru プリティーリズム : ハッピネス ジュエル?) is a 2nd season of Pretty Rhythm : Revolution. This series is crossover with another anime Jewelpet. The owner of this fanseries is User:BellRose~.


Pretty Rhythm : Happiness Jewel Episode

Happiness Jewel takes place three years after Revolution now Starlight Moonlight becomes more popular , Edel Rose and Prism Stone are bestfriend now they create a idol school named Jewel Academy and follows a new idol, Miki Shimomura , who aspires to become a top idol with her best friend Sora Nomoto and Rikako Inoue they join Jewel Academy. However they have a many friend and rival that is Mahiro Hayashida, Momoka Ito, and Kawane Kiyomura from mysterious agency.they also have to find a 50 jewel stone and 8 special jewelpet to restore Jewelina which is a queen in Prism Wall, many changes in this series.


Jewel AcademyEdit

Miki Shimomura - a fashionable 15 years old girl, she is a big fan of Yuuki. She Very good at deco-ing things, she like to use a big ribbon at her hair. She is Sora Nomoto and Rikako Inoue bestfriend. Her jewelpet partner is Garnet.

Sora Nomoto - a dancer 15 years old girl, she is a big fan of Rikka. She is a genius in studies and dance, She is a glasses girl. Her jewelpet partner is Sapphie.

Rikako Inoue - a singer 15 years old girl, she is a big fan of Kuromi. She is a tsundere type and her partner is Ryl.

Starlight MoonlightEdit

Kuromi Himuro - she is the leader of starlight moonlight and she is the headmaster of Jewel Academy. She is also a prism queen, Kuromi have a boyfriend that is Hayami Hiroto. Her partner is Moon and Diana.

Hayami Himeka - she is a vice headmaster of Jewel Academy and Kuromi bestfriend.

Takahashi Rikka - a sing teacher at Jewel Academy, She is kuromi and Himeka bestfriend.

Mihama Yuuki -

Nishina Reika -

Miya -