Pretty Rhythm : Heart-Pounding (プリティーリズム:ドキドキ , Puriti Rizumu : DokiDoki) is User:BellRose~ first fanfiction.


ten years after Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live, all the characters had previously been married and had children. Hayami Himeka which is a famous prism star of Edel Rose has a friend named Mihama Mizuki and Nishina Mai, they have a new rival from prism stone. whether edel rose managed to beat prism stone this time?

Main CharacterEdit

Hayami Himeka - she is a famous prism star from Edel Rose. previously, her parents are also a famous prism star, her dream is just want to be her parents. She is the general manager of Dear Crown after Kouji's mother her card suit is Heart and her style is Lovely.

Mihama Mizuki - she is a best friend of Himeka and Mai, they created a group unit named Tristar. She have a crush with Watanabe Raito. Her card suit is Spade and her style is sexy

Nishina Mai - she is a best friend of Himeka and Mizuki, and also a twin sister of Nishia Utau. Her card suit is Club and her style is cool.

Suzuki Erika - she is a manager of prism stone, and she is a daughter of Ayase Naru. She is Himeka's rival. Her card suit is ace and her style is pop

Nishina Utau - she is twin sister of Mai, not like mai, Utau side with Prism Stone. She also have a crush with Watanabe Raito. Her card suit is Diamond and her style is ethnic.

Harune Eru - she is Harune Aira little sister who come from another world, to bring a message from her big sister. Her card suit is queen and her style is star.

Other CharacterEdit

Other CharacterEdit