Pretty Rhythm: Stars Reborn! episodes.


Episode 1: New Stars are Born!

Episode 2: Go Go Hinamori!

Episode 3: Friends or Rivals? Edel Rose's Prism Roses

Episode 4: Haru the Idol!

Episode 5: Pretty Prism's Debut!

Episode 6: The Boy Prism Group, Hearts!

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Episode 10: The Contest Has Begun!

Episode 11: First Up! Edel Rose

Episode 12: Next! Prism Stone

Episode 13: The Shocking Results

Episode 14:

Episode 15: A Stolen Song

Episode 16:

Episode 17:

Episode 18:

Episode 19: Exams are coming! The Girl's Study Plan!

Episode 20: Summer Time or Training Time?

Episode 21: A New Member?!

Episode 22: The Summer Duo Cup! Haru and Yuki!

Episode 23: Mizuki and Aiko

Episode 24: Aya and Kaori

Episode 25: Miku and Hinamori

Episode 26: Yuki, Friend or Enemy?

Episode 27:

Episode 28:

Episode 29: Happy Birthday Miku a-and Aya?!

Episode 30: Aira Harune Returns!

Episode 31: The Edel Rose and Prism Stone Fashion Show

Episode 32: Happy Halloween!

Episode 33: Miku and Hinamori's Big Fight, No Longer Friends?!

Episode 34: Special Style Cup!

Episode 35: Haru vs Kaori

Episode 36: Hinamori vs Mizuki

Episode 37: Yuki vs Aiko

Episode 38: Miku vs Aya

Episode 39:

Episode 40:

Episode 41:

Episode 42: Yukoi never agian?

Episode 43: The Angels Coming!

Episode 44: The Secret Revealed...

Episode 45: The Take of the Two Sisters

Episode 46: The Time Has Come! The Semi-Finals of the Prism Queen Cup Begins! Episode 47: Miku vs Hinamori! Episode 48: Over The Finalists! Episode 49: Prism Angel! Episode 50: Prism Queen Cup Finals! Episode 51: The Dream Goes on...


# Title Featured Song
1 Episode 01 - A New Star is Born! Ponytail no ShuShu

So Long

Aira Harune and Sho are now happliy married and have two daughters, Mikuru and Ayaka, and both gave them identical necklaces with a Prism Stone on it. Later on, on the girl's 5th birthday, Aira performs a Prism Show and does an Aurora Rising, but messes up and fails, and because of it, she lost her memory and is in a coma. Later that night, a huge storm hits and Sho and the two girls where walking, and Mikuru and Ayaka gets lost. Luckily, Miku is found by Naru and Kouji Mihama, and took her in as there daughter, but Mikuru has lost her memory. Ayaka was also found by Bell Renjouji, and Ayaka has also lost her memory. Since Aira has also lost most of her memory, Sho decided not to tell her about Ayaka and Mikuru.

Eight years later, both Mikuru, now also known as Miku, and Ayaka, now also known as Aya, are celerbrating their 13th birthday. Aya is now a very famous Prism Star and is the top Prism Star at Edel Rose, and is performing a Prism Show that day to celerbrate her birthday. Miku is also celebrating her birthday and is a big fan of Aya and Miku also loves Prism Shows very much. Miku later finds out that day, that she was adopted and runs away and goes to Aya's Prism Show. After that, she soon realizes that she wants to become a Prism Star like her and become Prism Queen. Once the show was over, Miku goes on the ice rink and does a Prism Jump  that no one has seen before and a woman named Tsubasa was there and asked her if she would like to join Pretty Top and become a Prism Star.

2 Episode 02 - Me?! A Prism Star?! Iiwake Maybe
Miku says yes to Tsubasa about joining Pretty Top and becomes a Prism Star. Miku also meets her classmate Hinamori Toudou, the daughter of Rizumu and Hibiki Toudou and the captian of the Prism Dance Club at school. The two become fast friends and work together to become Prism Queen. Hinamori also helps Miku with her Prism Show. Miku later performs her debut Prism Show, she does a Prism Live and does 2 consecutive Prism Jumps, Lovely Slash and her signature jump, Rainbow Pretty Rhythm, which amazes everyone, since it looked very beautiful, and Aya is there to see her show. Aya also says that she has finally found a rival, and a mysterious figure was also there to see her Show.
3 Episode 03 - Go! Go! Hinamori! Heavy Rotation
Tsubasa asks Hinamori if she would like to perform her debut Prism Show and she agrees. Miku also helps Hnamori practice for her Prism Show. While Hinamori is geting ready for the show, her mother Rizumu, comes in and gives her a bracelet with a Prism Stone on it. Miku notices that Hinamori's bracelet looks familiar to her, but tries not to mind it. Miku cheers for Hinamori as she performs her debut Prism Show, she does a Prism Live and does 2 consecutive Prism Jumps, Pop Splash and Violet Pop Rhythm.
4 Episode 04 - Friends or Rivals? Edel Roses's Prism Rose! Flying Get

While Miku and Hinamori are practicing, Tsubasa comes in with Rima, a very famous Prism Star and past Prism Queen, and Aya saying that Edel Rose challages Pretty Top to a Prism Show battle, but Tsubasa says that they are not ready yet. Rima tells her that if they don't, she will take down Pretty Top and make sure that they will never be able to skate agian. After what Rima said, Miku told her that they will during the Top Star Contest coming up. Rima agrees and gives them an invation to Pretty Rose's Prism Show later, and goes off with Aya telling them good luck.

Tsubasa starts to get mad and yells at Miku for doing a foolish thing, but also thanks her for saving them. She also tells them that they will have to work very hard and practice a lot and that they will also need a third member to enter the Top Star Contest. Later that day, Tsubasa tells Miku and Hinamori to go to the show while she looks for a third member. Miku and Hinamori arrive to watch their performace and Aya intoduces Mizuki Aghea and Kaori Renjouji her sister. During their performance, Aya does 3 consecutive Prism Jumps, Sexy Splash, Beautiful Red Roses, Rainbow Rose Dream. And at the end of the show, Miku and Hinamori run into Haruko Takamine, the famous idol, Prism Star and is th daughter of Mion Takamine, and Haruko says that she knows that they are looking for a third member and would like to join them.

5 Episode 05 - Haru the Idol! Oogoe Diamond

Miku and HInamori are both surprised to see Haruko, or Haru, Takamine there and HInamori gives Haru a hug and tells her that it has been awhile and Haru hugs her back. Miku, confused, asks Hnamori how does she know Haru and Hinamori says that they are childhood friends, because her mother and Haru's mother are best friends. Then Aya, Kaori and Mizuki come over and says if they liked her show and also says hi to Haru. The girls tell her that her show was amazing, but they wont lose. Aya then tells them that okay lets see you try and also tells them good luck trying to find a third member and they leave.

Miku, Hinamori and Haru then go back to Pretty Top to tell Tsubasa that they have found a third member which is Haru. Tsubasa says that, thats great and greets Haru. Tsubasa also tells her that Haru will have a debut performace at Pretty Top. Haru agrees and the girls go off and watch Haru practice. Later, Haru does her debut Prism Show and does a Prism Live and 3 consecutive Prism Jumps, Cool Splash, Cool Beat Song and Colorful Star Magic Rhythm. 

6 Episode 06 - Pretty Prism's Debut! Aitakatta
Tsubasa tells the girls that they will have to come up with a name for their Prism Unit today. During that day, the girls have been arguing about what their group name should be. Later, Rizumu comes in saying that why don't they take a break first and go out and the girls said okay. Once they all got ready, they went to the mall. Haru commented on Miku's outfit say that it was pretty and that it really reminds her about what famous Prism Stars wear. After Haru said that Miku had an idea of the group name saying why not the name could be Pretty Prism, since they wear "pretty" clothes and their Prism Stars.

The girls say yes and go back to Pretty Top to perform their debut. Tsubasa also invited Aya, Kaori, Mizuki and Rima to watch their performace. Pretty Prism did an awesome performace and Miku did a Prism Live and then the girls did a Prism Jump together.

7 Episode 07 - Hearts♥ The Boy Prism Unit! Heartbeat Going

Miku was at home with her family and was watching tv, suddenly, Hinamori calls her sceaming, which makes Miku worried and thought that Hinamori was in trouble but Hinamori yells at her and says that she is not in trouble but she has great news, the famous boy Prism Unit, Hearts, is moving to Pretty Top and is going to perform there later that day. Miku asks her who is Hearts, and gets yelled at agian by Hinamori telling her that how comes she doesn't know them, but then says nevermind and also tells her to meet her later at Pretty Top.

After that, Miku says goodbye to her parents and leaves to Pretty Top. Once Miku arrives, she accidentally bumps into a strange boy that looks familiar to her. The boy was running and he just said sorry and run off. Miku tried not to mind it and walked off to go see Hinamori. Hinamori sees Miku and calls her over and Haru was with her. Then, Hinamori was surpried and was jumping up and down because she saw Hearts. Miku also sees the boy that she ran into earlier. Tsubasa intorduces Hearts to them, and the boy that Miku ran into was Hikaru Toudou, Hinamori's brother (but they did not say that he was). After they introduced themselfs, they got ready for the show. Their show was spectacular and falatered a lot of girls. After the show, Hikaru kissed Miku on the hand, but in a playful way and Miku blushed.

8 Episode 08 - Young Star Mizuki! Nagisa no Cherry

Aya, Kaori and Mizuki, are all getting ready for the Top Star contest coming up and Mizuki's mother Mia, is coming. Mizuki also performs a Prism Show and does a Prism Live.

9 Episode 09 - Daughter of the Rose, Kaori! Gingham Check
Kaori performs a Prism Show and does a Prism Live.
10 Episode 10 - Aya, The Beauty of Roses! Beginner

Ever since Aya saw Miku's Prism Show and when she did the Rainbow Pretty Rhythm, Aya wants to do a Prism Jump like what Miku did. So, Aya began practicing the whole day and her mother Bell, comes in and asks her how she is doing, and Aya tells her that she is trying to make a beautiful Prism Jump. Then Bell tells her that she will help her make one. Bell then goes onto the ice and does a Prism Jump, and Aya got inspired by this. After Bell did the Prism Jump, she said thank you to Bell and went off to get ready for the show that night. 

After Aya got ready, Kaori was there to wish her good luck and Aya performed her Prism Show and did a Prism Live and did 3 consecutive Prism Jumps, Sexly Splash, Beautiful Red Roses and Black Rainbow Rhythm. Aya was so happy that she was able to do her new jump and a mysterious figure was there to watch her, the same one at Miku's Prism Show.

11 Epsiode 11 - The Top Star Contest, Begins! Ougon Center

As soon as the contest starts, different Prism Units perform and most of them are from Edel Rose. Edel Rose's Prism Rose is next, and they do a Prism Live and do a Prism Jump. Aya also does 3 consecutive Prism Jumps, putting them in first place for now, while Pretty Prisms and Hearts watch them.

12 Epsiode 12 - Time to Shine, Pretty Top! Aruji Naki Sono Koe
Next up is Pretty Top's Pretty Prisms. They do a Prism Live and do a Prism Jump. Miku also does 3 consecutive Prism Jumps and Hikaru cheers her and the others. Hearts and Prism Rose watch them.
13 Episode 13 - The Shocking Results! Aitakatta
The host of the contest announces the results of the contest and winners are... Pretty Top's Pretty Prisms! This makes Rima mad and upset.
14 Epsiode 14 - Heart Beats Fast! Come With Me

School is over and everyone is going home, while Miku is walking home with Hinmori, Hikaru asks Miku if she wants to hang out on Saterday. Hinamori tells Miku that she sould go and Miku says yes to Hikaru. Later on Saterday, Hikaru picks up Miku at her place and meets Miku's "parents". Kouji gives Hikaru a mean look and tells Miku to be careful. Naru tells him that she will be fine and tells Miku and Hikaru to go have fun. Hikaru takes Miku to the carnaval in town.

Hinamori and Haru are seen spying on the two and Haru asks Hinamori why did she have to bring her along. Hinamori tells her that it's because she doesn't want to be alone. Haru then asks why do they have to spy on them. Hinamori tells her it's because she wants to see Hikaru happy because he hasn't been happy in a long time. Haru then asks why she cares about Hikaru then Hinamori tells her no more questions and they follow the two. 

Later that day, Hikaru tells Miku that he has a suprise for her and tells her to close her eyes. She closes her eyes and Hikaru brings her somewhere. Once she opens her eyes, Hikaru is seen in his Prism Show outfit and will do a Prism Show for her at the carnaval and everyone is there to watch. After the show, Hikaru takes Miku home and Miku says thank you to him and Hikaru kisses Miku on the forhead (like how Sho kissed Aira on the forhead before) and Kouji looked mad and Naru tried to claim him down. 

15 Episode 15 - A Tale of The Sister and Brother! Dance to the Beat

Miku has noticed that Hikaru and Hinamori spend a lot of time togeter. While the girls are practicing, Miku asks Haru if she knows anything about Hikaru and Hinamori's relationship. Haru tells her that Hinamori seems to care a lot for Hikaru. Miku feels a bit jealous about the two and spies on them, bringing Haru with her. Later that day, Hinamori asks Miku if she knows how to write a song. Miku tells her that she has wrote a couple songs before and says yes. Hinamori says great and also tells her to make it a duet. Miku and suprised a bit but still says yes and Hinamori says thank you to her and goes off. 

While Miku's wrting the song for Hinamori, Tsubasa comes in and says if everything was alright. Miku tells her about how she saw Hinamori and Hikaru together a lot nowadays. Tsubasa says that she doesn't know and Miku asks her that she doesn't know about what. Tsubasa tells her that Hinamori and Hikaru are brother and sister and they will perform later, and that they wanted a song made by Miku. Miku became very happy and wrote the rest of the song and gave it to Hinamori and Hinamori and Hikaru performs an amazing Prism Show and thank Miku for the wonderful show and announce to everyone that the song was written by Miku and Rima was there to watch the show and grinned after that.

16 Episode 15 - A Stolen Song Wonderland

Aya, Kaori and Mizuki are training hard and Rima is teaching them. Aya tells Rima that they will need a new song for the next contest. Rima says to them that they don't need to worry, also she has the perfect plan for the new song and she will perform it later to show them as an example. At Pretty Top, the girls are practicing and working hard for the next contest as well and Rima comes in and asks Miku if she can talk to her. Rima asks Miku if she can write a song for her and for Prism Roses. Miku says sure and Rima says thanks and walks away. Miku continues practicing with the others and Hinamori ask her what did Rima tell her, so Miku told them about what Rima asked her to do. 

Tsubasa becamed worried about Miku, but Hinamori and Haru were happy that she can write a song for a popular Prism Star. While Miku was writing the song, Tsubasa came in and told her that it might not be a good idea to write a song for Rima. Miku then said that she doesn't need to worry about it and that she finished the song and will give it to Rima now. Miku then went to Edel Rose with Hinamori and gave the song to Rima, Rima said thank you and invited them to see her Prism Show the next day and Miku and Hinamori agreed. 

The next day, Pretty Prisms went to Rima's Prism Show and watched it. Rima did 4 consecutive Prism Jumps and a Prism Live. Everyone loved the song that Miku made and at the end of the show, Rima told everyone that it was her who wrote the song and not Miku. Miku then ran out and Hinamori and Haru ran after her. They tell her that she doesn't need to feel said and that it was just one song, also that it doesn't matter what other people think and that they will always be there for her. This made Miku feel a lot better and she said thank you to them.

17 Episode 17 - The School Festival! Happy Time!

Edel Rose is having a fesitival and is inviting Pretty Prisms to perform. They agree to the invitation and get ready for their performace. Tsubasa tells Miku, Hinamori and Haru, that they will need a new song for the group and Tsubasa asks Miku if she can write a song for them. Miku confidently says yes and will start writing the song. Hinamori and Haru also help her with the song that she is writing.

The fesitival has come and the girls are getting ready to perform. The Pretty Prisms perform their new song and do their signature Prism Jump, Happy Pretty Prism Dream! and they also do a Prism Live.

18 Episode 18 - Practice Makes Perfect! Aitaktta

The Summer Duo Cup is coming up soon, and the girls are practicing everyday to make their performance perfect, but they have one problem... Who will be the two performing?

Tsubasa tells the girl how she will decide on who will be the two performing at the Summer Duo Cup. They will each perform one by one and Tsubasa will pick from the two best performances. The girls agree, but Miku is afraid that it might affect their friendship.

All of them are practicing very hard, especially Haru and Hinamori. The two of them start to become very competitive with each other and Miku tries to stop them from fighting. Miku, still feeling uneasy, goes to Hikaru for advice.

After Hikaru and Miku talked for a while, Hikaru told Miku to listen what her heart tells her to do. Miku listens to his advice and goes back to Pretty Top.

She ten tells Tsubasa about her plan and then the two of them go to Hinamori and Haru to tell them Tsubasa's decision. Tsubasa tell them that Hinamori and Haru will be the two performing at the Summer Duo Cup. Hinamori and Haru are both confused why it will be the two of them. Miku then tells her that both of them push each other to do their best and will be a great duo for the competition. The two girls agree and prepare for the cup.

19 Episode 19 - The "Perfect" Study Plan! Aitaktta
20 Episode 20 - Summer Time or Training Time? Aruji Naki Sono Koe
21 Episode 21 - A New Member?! Pionner
22 Episode 22 - The Summer Duo Cup! Haru and Yuki! Aruji Naki Sono Koe
23 Episode 23 - Mizuki and Aiko! Sugar Rush
24 Episode 24 - Aya and Kaori! River
25 Episode 25 - Miku and Hinamori! Sakura no Hanabiratachi
26 Episode 26 - Yuki! Friend or Enemy? Pionner
27 Episode 27 - Pretty Prism's Adventure! Aitaktta
28 Episode 28 - Summer Homework! Happy Time!
29 Episode 29 - Happy Birthday Miku a-and Aya!? Ponytail no ShuShu