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3 years before the events of Pretty Rhythm Stars Reborn, Pretty Top opened Prism Academy for Prism Stars. They have been the rivals of Edel Rose for a long time. 2 years after PRSR, a new Prism school has opened called Shining Star, which is much better then Prism Academy and even Edel Rose. So, Prism Academy invited Pretty Prisms to join and help them to keep Prism Academy open and Prism Academy and Edel Rose team up.

Shining Star has also found a new legendary Prism Jump, called Rainbow Road...

Miku also finds out something that she never knew she was...

Prism ChangeEdit

Prism Change, is similar to when during a Prism Live, the Prism Star changes into the Seventh Coord. But, in Prism Change, the Prism Star can change into any cothing that reflects their inner heart. It can be a feeling or another symbol. This is the Rainbow Road jump, and you need to do this before the Prism Change. The first person who has done this sucessfully, was Michiru. 


Prism AcademyEdit

Pretty Prisms

Mikuru "Miku" Harune - is the main protagonist of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Road and is now 16 years old and is less clumsy and a bit more mature. Her Prism Change is Prism.

Hinamori Toudou - Her Prism Change is Happy.

Haru Takamine - Her Prism Change is Passion.

Yuko  - Her Prism Change is Faith.

Edel RoseEdit

Prism Rose

Ayaka "Aya" Harune - Her Prism Change is Star.



Shining StarEdit


Michiru - the secondary protagonist of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Road. She is 16 years old. Her main color is mint green, Michiru's special skill is all-around and her style is star. She is from the Prism World. Her Prism Change is Rainbow.

Saki - She is from the Prism World like Michiru.

Rin - is from the Prism World like the rest of Dream.