This is a list of the episodes of PR Universe Fantasia By NattySakura


  1. Hello, Again My future!
  2. The new Rival! The genius of Prism Jumps
  3. Yes!Commercial Takedown
  4. Clothes desing
  5. New Lyrics,New Song
  6. Who gets de dog love?
  7. Ayami and Miyuki Memo Memo
  8. Lovebirds!
  9. The door of the Roses Garden 
  10. Fragance of love
  11. Mion super trainning
  12. Serenon+K come and strike
  13. Let's Pretty Remake!
  14. Rizumu wife days
  15. Sand, Beach, Lesson!
  16. Only for boys
  17. Hokkaido!
  18. Spy
  19. Prizmmy Broken Spirit!
  20. Puretty Vs Miyuki
  21. I tell you the really Prism Jump.
  22. Search for a team
  23. Yes double team
  24. Finals!
  25. The name is Infinity
  26. Happy day Mama
  27. Won, Game shoot
  28. MARS DAY
  29. Nham! Crazy food battle
  30. Movie Shoot!Prizmmy and Ininity in the cinema screen?!
  31. A secret Heart Shuffle
  32. Need to bright
  33. Queens and Honeys
  34. My masterpiece
  35. Super Infinity Girls!
  36. Always Sparkling,Prizmmy
  37. Goodbye Infinity
  38. Reflect the dark heart
  39. Team Trainning!
  40. Ready Prism Queen!
  41. The beggining of the chaos
  42. Crushing Prism Show
  43. My truth
  44. Thank You Infinity friendship
  45. Prism Queen Finals
  46. The legendary born, Universe Fantasia!
  47. Goodbye my Universe Future
Episode # Title Song Main Events
01 Hello, Again My future! Dear My Future (Rock.ver) Kyoko comes back from her honeymoon and a Prizzmy make a show.
After the events of the previous season, some things have changed, Puretty returned to Korea, Mion is now the president of Prism stone while Kyoko Asechi is in her honeymoon, Aira and Shou are in U.S, Rizumu is in happy with her marriage. Everybody celebrate the return of Asechi Kyoko who is prepared to manage "Pretty Top" with Mion and they plan a great Prizzmy presentation ... but someone presents after the show ...
02 The new rival!The genius of prism jumps Universe Future Miyuki Katsuko makes her debut
At the end of the  Prizzmy special show a new show presents, anybody espect this, the highlight is in the new Prism Star Miyuki Katsuko, which carries the title "genius of the prism jumps". Prizzmy meets their new rival.
03 Yes! Commercial Takedown

Universe Future

Life is just a miracle

Prizzmy and Miyuki first competition
Prizmmy and Miyuki need to do a commercial for two new products.
04 Clothes Design

Clothes Pick

Dear my future (rock ver)

Flare Nari comes back with a new store called "Flame Picking"
Flare Nari comes back wanting to launch their new store called "Flame Picking" and needs help to popularize the store. Besides a prism show Prizmmy is also a fashion show.
05 New Lyrics, New Song Sunday Days Prizmmy have a new song called "Sunday Days"
Kyoko and Mion seeing that Miyuki is becoming more popular they send Prizmmy write a new song.
06 Who gets the dog love?

Sunday Days

Universe Future

Prizmmy and Miyuki work together for the first time
A shelter for abandoned animals want to do a party for the people come to adopt more animals. Prizmmy want to take the job but the company Universe Star also wants the work. Prizmmy and Miyuki do the show.
07 Ayami and Miyuki Memo Memo

Memories Notebook

Mirage Jet

Ayami is chosen to make a commercial with Miyuki
Ayami and Miyuki are chosen to be advertise girls for a brand of notebooks. Ayami feels insecure working with Miyuki in the end she learns that she is not a bad person and the two put on a Prism show.
08 Lovebirds Space love Reina and Itsuki are officialy dating
Reina this insecure with Itsuki because he has not asked for dating, she starts to get distracted during practice and then feeling very sad. At the end Itsuki ask Reina to be his girlfriend and she accepts, Reina compose a new song.
09 The door of the roses garden

Sunday Days

Sincere Rose

My heart got you

Miyuki win the "Rose princess festival" but she decided to share the title with Ran.
At a festival to elect the year "Roses Princess" Prizmmy meets a girl named Ran who want to be a model and win the title of the festival.
10 Fragrance of love

Angel Kiss

Sunday Days

Miyuki launches her perfume "Angel Skin" and Prizmmy create a perfume called "Fouth Love"
Kyoko tells Prizmmy that Miyuki's new perfume called "Angel Skin" is selling like water, so she tells Prizmmy that will have to think of a scent, name and identity to their new perfume.
12 Mion Super Trainning Switch on my heart (Normal and Pop .Ver) Mion Trains Prizmmy
Mion decides to train Prizmmy.
13 Serenon+K come and strike

Wonderful world


Serenon+K comes back
Serenon+K decides to do a Prism show.
14 Let's Pretty Remake

Dream goes on(Pop.Ver)

Angel Kiss

Aira comes back to a visit. Miyuki perform her prism act "Pretty Remake Cinderella" and change her clothes in the prism show.
Aira from the United States comes to visit Pretty Top, the Universe Star Company, defies Pretty Top to make a fashion show, Aira makes the clothes for Prizmmy and Miyuki with her concepts and advices. Miyuki wins with her prism act "Pretty Remake Cinderella".
15 Rizumu Wife days Kokoro Juuden Prizmmy learns about a wife life.
Rizumu invites Prizmmy to help around with her house because she is sick. When Mia says to Rizumu that she is a little jealous of Miyuki, Rizumu give advice to her. At the end Rizumu makes a prism show for them.
16 Sand, Beach, Lesson! Arabian Sands Miyuki helps Prizzmy to understand more about prism jumps
Prizmmy decides to go to the beach to reflect how the prism jumps of Miyuki jumps are so good, but they end up finding Miyuki on the beach, she says that the prism jumps are somewhat complex but simple, she decides to show this in a Prism show.
17 Only for boys

Dear Tinkerbell

Burning For You

Callings perform vs More for truth
The Callings must face a new boy band.
18 Hokkaido! Sunday Days Prizmmy goes to Hokkaido to relax and their they made a new friends
Prizmmy decide to go to Hokkaido to relax a little their minds, they know her two new friends.
19 Spy EZ to dance Prizmmy tries to spies Miyuki daily life to discover her secrets.
Prizmmy decide to follow and spy all day Miyuki to discover her secrets. They now inside the "Universe Star".
20 Prizmmy Broken Sprits

Sunday Days

Angel Kiss

Prizmmy lose to Miyuki, Miyuki perform her prism act "Passion Phoenix Rebirth"
Mia ends up buying a fight with Miyuki and announces a competition between Prizmmy and Miyuki. Miyuki defeat them and Prizmmy loses their confidence.
21 Puretty vs Miyuki

Shuwa Shuwa Baby

Hot Doki doki feeling

Universe Future

Puretty members comes back. Puretty and Miyuki ends with a draw
Prizmmy continues with their confidence shaken after the defeat, knowing that the girls Puretty come back to try to make them cheer up, Puretty decide to compete with Miyuki.
22 I tell you the really prism jump

Sunday days

Prizmmy and Miyuki perform a prism show together for the first time.
With Prizmmy still shaken, Kyoko then decided to ask for help Miyuki herself and she decides to help. Prizmmy regains their confidences.
23 Search for a team Wonderfull World Miyuki decides to have a contest to create her own unit team. Waon makes her debut.
Universe Star announces a contest to choose two girls to form a group with Miyuki. Prizmmy get to know Waon, a sportswoman girl who wishes to enter the competition and decide to help her.
23 Yes!Double Team We will win! Now the partincipants have to make duo teams, Azami makes her debut
After the first elimination, Waon need help to choose a good pair. Waon and Prizmmy knows Azami a girl who most wanted to pair with. Azami  chooses Waon to be her duo in end.
24 Finals

Jewel To ours!

Original Infinity

Now the two last duos have to perform a prism show with Miyuki. Infinity makes her debut
The finals are between Waon and Azami against other spoiled rich girls, they will have to make a prism show with Miyuki, select an image, clothes and a name for the group. In the end, Waon and Azami become partners of Miyuki.
25 The name is Infinity Original Infinity Miyuki launches her own brand of clothes and Infinity makes her first official prism show.
Miyuki launches her clothing line inspired by her group Infinity, Azami and Waon have difficulty with training and Prizmmy decides to help. In the end, Infinity makes their debut and debut their act prism "Infinity Angel Concert".
26 Happy day Mama Heart Pumps Up! Prizzmy decides to help a girl called Shion to make a surprise to her mother. Prizmmy perform a new song
Karin meets a girl named Shion who wants to give a good birthday present for her mother who is a big fan of "Prism shows".
27 Won,Game Shoot Game Shoot! Waon decides to perform in arcade game who is failing. She performs her signature jump for the first time.
Waon takes Prizmmy to know her favorite arcade but the owner says that the arcade are go to close because they are going bankrupt. Waon decides she wants to save the arcade.
28 MARS Day

MARs Medlay

Dear My future(Rock .Ver)

Infinity and Prizmmy makes performs to make a tribute for MARs.
Its MARs day and both Prizmmy as Infinity need to do a show to do a tribute.
29 Nham!Crazy Food Battle Heart Pumps Up! Prizmmy decides to help in a food contest.
Prizmmy decides to help at a food festival.
30 Movie Shoot!Prizmmy and Infinity in a cinema screen!?


Prizmmy and Infinity debut in a cinema.
Pretty Top and  Universe Star receive the proposal of having their prism stars on the movie screen.Fights will happen and Mia begins to find superior to Miyuki saying that will be the real star of the film. Will everything work?
32 A secret heart shuffle Marionette Miyuki and
33 Need to bright! Skirts, maiden hearts Brighting make her debut
The new group's agency Universe Star, this having a bad start and now they take part in a contest against Prizmmy.
34 Queens and Honeys! Coronation QueenZ makes their debut.
35 My Masterpiece Canvas Azami mother comes and wants her to quit prism shows.
The mother of Azami comes back and wants her daughter to stop being a Prism star to come back to art,  Azami decides to show her mother how she feel.
36 Super Infinity Girls Futari wa!Super Infinity Girls! Infinity TV program debuts "S.I.G.N"
Prizmmy decides to see a new program starring Infinity.
38 Always Sparkling Prizmmy
39 Goodbye Infinity

Heart pumps up!

Angel Kiss

Miyuki quits Infinity and goes to a company called "Real Queen company".
After being frustrated by not getting still have made ​​a prism jump/act that exceeds the Aurora Rising, Miyuki appears to be more stressed than normal, it leads her to accept a proposal that will make her out of Infinity.
40 Reflect the dark Heart Lonely Call Miyuki starts to became the "Siren of dark".
All feel that Miyuki is increasingly different in his new agency, they decide to spy and watch her new presentation, realising the danger.
41 Team Trainning! You may dream Prizmmy, QueenZ, Brighting decides to train to save Miyuki.
The 3 groups decide to train to save Miyuki.
42 Ready Prism Queen! The teams are preparing to the prism queen competition. The teams gains new clothes.
Sho and Yunzu return and decide to make new clothes for groups, Aira decides to draw the clothes Prizmmy.
43 The beggining of chaos Alice in blue

Katsuo is concerned with Miyuki, she reveals her past with Miyuki and make a prism show to try to reach Miyuki Heart.

Katsuo is very worried with Miyuki because she feels that she is increasingly steeped in darkness and stress, all the girls notice this and try to cheer her up, Katosuo decides to tell how she met Miyuki.
44 Crushing Prism Show

Energetic effervescent

Sunday Days


Lonely call

Miyuki starts to collapses because of her intense training. She performs Aurora Rising Constellation, Sky High Symphonia Reborn and Grateful Symphonia Perfect.

Miyuki is very stressed but insists on continuing intense training, though she did not want to, the owner of the Real Queen agency tell her to do anything to make the Aurora Rising and Grateful Symphonia. In the final she got "Over the points" and collapses in the stage.

45 My Truth - Miyuki past story is revealed
Miyuki is taken to hospital after she collapsed in the stage, the owner of the agency Real Queen dedice she was not his real queen and says he does not want her at the agency, Miyuki tries to leave the hospital but is prevented. Miyuki's past is revealed by her for everyone. It reveal that
46 Thank You!Inifnity Friendship Original Infinity Miyuki comes back to infinity and Universe Star company.
Miyuki leaves the hospital, but disappears and Mia decide to search her, than the two talk. Miyuki decides to return to Infinity. Prism queen cup is starting!
47 Prism Queen Finals

Que sera

Brand New World

Is Aira VS Mia VS Miyuki
Aira and Mia performs in the Prism Queen Cup, Miyuki thinks about her true desire.
48 The legendary Born Universe Fantasia Costellation Miyuki perform Universe Fantasia, which is considered a legendary prism act.
Miyuki perform and do a prism act considered legendary,
49 Goodbye my universe future!

Universe Future

You may dream

The final
In the end, Prizmmy continues to perform,a party to celebrate the born of a new legendary prism act and a lovely revelation Miyuki and Yong Hwa start dating!?