Pretty Rhythm Wonderful Experience is CureKanade's second fan series. The story is about Higashi Ako, a kind, clumsy girl who can't ice skate but loves the Prism Shows. Pretty Rhythm Wonderful Experience groups are Muse, Beautiful Love and Windy Trees.


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Higashi Ako- Ako is a kind but clumsy 14 year old girl who loves the Prism Shows but can't ice skate. She doesn't have any friends at school before she is forced to join Prism Shows, then when she becomes known as a Prism Star she gets a few friends. At first she is alone and doesn't have a team until Fukuda Yumi joins than Houjou Mai comes along and is happy to have a team. She comes ups with the team name.

Fukuda Yumi- Yumi is a loud girl and loves to ice skate. She goes to Ako's school but was jealous of her and didn't want to be her friend at first. She joins in episode 20 and bugs her best friend Houjou Mai to join Prism Show because she is an awesome ice skater. She tried to come up with an awesome team name but voted for Ako's choice instead.

Houjou Mai- Mai is a really good ice skater and could do a few Prism Jumps before she joined the show. She got forced to join the show by her best friend Yumi and always wanted to be Ako's friend even before she joined the Prism Shows.

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  • Ako and Hibiki's names are the same as Hibiki Houjou and Ako Shirabe from Suite Pretty Cure and Mai's last name is the same as Hibiki Houjou's.