"The ultimate Prism Jump and Prism Decor more greater then the Aurora Rising, Symphonia or the Rainbow Decor..."

The Prism Angel Decor is one of the most rare stones ever in the Prism Show world. With them you can do the legendary jump the Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel. Only three people so far can do this jump, Miku, Aya, and Hinamori.

Prism Angel Decor Stones

Complete set of the Prism Angel Decor

There is also some new legendary Prism Stones... The Prism Angel Decor! It is a mix of the Wedding stones, Symphonia stones, and the Disco Rainbow Wedding stones. To get the Prism Angel Decor, you must have all of the stones of the other legendary decors. But the Prism Angel Necklace only needs two other stones to make it, the Night Black Prism Angel Necklace and Pure Rainbow Prism Angel Stones, which Miku and Ayaka have. But, you can also combind other stones of thoose kind to make the Prism Angel Outfit, for example, you have a Pure White Wedding Tiara, Symphonia Dress, Rainbow Shoes, and the Prism Angel Necklace, with that you can make the Prism Angel Wedding but only if your heart is pure. If not then you must colloect the other stones to combind and make the Prism Angel Outfit. Although, you can also make the Prism Angel Outfit even with out the necklaces or a bracelet, but there will be a very slim chance of jumping a Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel.

Once you have the Prism Angel Outfit and do a Prism Show, you have a chance to do a legendary jump called Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel. One of Miku's jumps is similar is and is the jump to make a Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel, and the jump she can do is Rainbow Pretty Prism Rhythm. She can do this jump because of her pure heart and because of the Pure Rainbow Prism Angel Necklace. But she needs the whole outfit to make Pretty Rhythm: Prism Angel. Ayaka learned how to do Night Pretty Prism Rhythm jump after Miku did her jump. Hinamori also has the Elegant Prism Angel Bacelet given to her by her mother close to the Prism Queen Cup.

Prism Angel Tiara - needs any kind of Wedding Tiara, Symphonia Top, Rainbow Tiara

Prism Angel Dress - needs any kind of Wedding Dress, Symphonia Dress or skirt, and Rainbow Wedding Dress

Prism Angel Shoes - needs any kind of Wedding Shoes, Symphonia Boots, and Rainbow Shoes

Prism Angel Necklace or Bacelet - needs either one of the Prism Angel Stone Necklaces or Bacelet