She is the main character of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. She's 14 years old. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a writer which she also has a talent for writing. Her style is pop.


See also Ran Imoto/List of Outfits

She has fair skin, blue eyes and dark brown hair in a very loose ponytail.


She is a high-energy-14-year-old-teenage-girl who dedicates herself aiming to be number one, her straight-forwardness is what keeps her going. She never lies and always plays by the rules and Ran is always encouraging others and always keeping things positive, perky, lively, she tries her best and never gives up to reach her goal by first getting into Dream Heart, her attitude toward her dreams impresses the people around her, is shown to have a somewhat natural talent for the Prism Show, and will go to many lengths to reach her goal. She has a lively personality, but works very hard and seriously at whatever she does.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpsEdit

  • Angelic Wings Feathers - she does an Axel Jump. She gain white angel wings. Her wings flutter white feathers which swirls around. When feathers touch each other they turn into sparkles or hearts. She closed her eyes during this time. Saying the jumps name. When she opens her eyes and folds her arms, she begins to skate on white clouds while making it a shape of angel wings.


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  • She has a hobby that she really enjoys, which is practising and increasing her stamina, such as running 35 laps, doing 250 push-ups, doing beach flag, etc.