"Shining Hope! Rebirth of the goddes" is a Prism Act in Pretty Rhythm: Shining Hope. It was performed by Aira Harune.

In Pretty Rhythm: Shining Hope Edit

Aira was the last participant in the Starlight Prism competition. Shortly before her appearance, says Nozomi, that it was too late, because the prism Sparkel had disappeared. The prism goddess, the last should return during the competition would appear in darkness. This is the end of the world. Aira got it but with nothing. She was already on stage, and their clothes said it all. She wore the Pure Premium Wedding Dress, as in the legendary Prism Queen Cup. The music began to play, and Nozomi immediately noticed something strange. Despite the fact that the Prism Sparkle was gone, she could see Airas Sparkle. Brighter than ever it seemed. At this moment Nozomi understood everything. Aira however, began at the end of a jump chain. Every thought, with the exception of Nozomi that they would create a maximum of four jumps. But they were wrong. Your first jumps, Dreaming Splash, Happy Lucky Rainbow, Fresh Fruit Basket and Infinity Eternal Hug ran confuse the Audience. Aira wore the dress that you needed for the Aurora Rising Dream, so why not make it? After Infinity Eternal Hug, she continued. As the seven Prism Stars from Rainbow Live they received wings, but Aira received angel wings. She made another three jumps: Magical Fairy Girl, Infinity Heart and last the Aurora Rising Dream. But that was not enough. At the end Aira performed the prism Act: Shining Hope! The Rebirth.

They found her. The Rebirth of the Prism Goddes, Aira.

During the Act Edit

During the Acts, Aira flying in a starry sky. This is enveloped by the light of the Aurora Rising Dreams. Each of the audience sees that, would he see if he would run the Aurora Rising himself. Only Prism Stars, the prism to have a special connection Sparkle, in this case channel, Nozomi, Happy RAIN, Bell Rose, Prizzmy and PURETTY, this scene can be observed. Of them, however, from Aira looks anxious. This is even. Aira also understands the situation, and says that she is the only reason why a good Prism Star because she is the reincarnation of the prism Goddes. Mion and Rizumu however, try to come to Aira. This hovering high in the sky with an image of themselves. One of the two is Aira, the other the prism Goddes. The two talk to each other. The Aira, which is the prism Goddes, it tries to explain that this is not due to the fact. Ultimately, do you think this Aira and Mion Rizumu and come to her. Aira says, everything was fine. Together the three friends fly towards the sky and shout together: "Prism Act: Shining Hope The rebirth!"