Takahashi Rikka

Rikka prism live

Rikka prism live

Personal Data

Name Rikka Takahashi (高橋リッカ; Takahashi Rikka)
Age (Revolution) 16
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Special Skill All Around
Affiliation Edel Rose

Dear Crown

étincelle étoiles

Animal Coach Sexy-chi
Theme Color Rose Pink

Family Unknown

Romantic Interest

Kaname Freeman

Anime Debut (Rainbow Live) Episode 50 (minor character)
Anime Debut (Revolution) Episode 11 (Main Debut)

Prism Live Instrument

Red Guitar

Family Members

Japanese Madoka Yonezawa
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Rikka Takahashi (高橋リッカ; Takahashi Rikka) is one of Pretty Rhythm : Revolution main character. She is a previous prism queen after Ayase Naru. she have a bestfriend named Kuromi Himuro and Hayami Himeka.


Rikka has a long light pink hair and different eyes color, that is red in the right and blue in the left.


Rikka, being an actress, can change her personalities as quick as an eye can blink.mshe also very reserved

Image SongEdit

Switch on my heart

Role in plotEdit

Watching Ayase Naru Prism show during over the rainbow session

at the age of 6 years, Rikka go watch the Naru's prism show when Over The Rainbow Session. since then, she was inspired into prism star like Ayase Naru.

Rikka's Switch On

Rikka and Kuromi surprised to star aura issued by Yuuki, Rikka was doing the prism show to replace the Kuromi position.

Prism JumpEdit


  • she is the first character who have different eyes color
  • she share a same prism live instrument like Rinne and Naru
  • she is a character who change a family name for two times.