Kaede Taukishiro



Personal Data

Name Kaede Tsukishiro (月城楓; Tsukishiro Kaede)
Age (Rainbow Live) 14
Birthday November 11
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Scorpio
Special Skill play piano

Edel Rose Academy

Animal Coach Poppi
Prism Live Instrument Piano/Keyboard
Theme Color Red
Fashion Element Pop
Romantic Interest Jin Noriduki
Anime Debut (Tail Of Muse) Episode 1


Family Members

Tsukishiro Wakaba (Father)

Tsukishiro Yurika (mother)

Taukishiro Kanade (twinsister)

Japanese Haruka Tomatsu
Kaede Gallery

Kaede Tsukishiro (月城楓; Tsukishiro Kaede) is one of main character of Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse. She is a part of Edel Rose Team B and Miyazaki Hime's bestfriend. Kaede is Tsukishiro Kanade's bestfriend.


Kaede has navy colored hair that is styled downwards with two side braids joining at the back and going down. Her eyes are dark blue. Her casual costume consists of old styled blue dress with light blue colored sleeves and dark blue colored ribbon on her neck. She has short royal blue socks and brown shoes. She is also sometimes seen wearing red glasses.


Kaede is a selfish person, serious, and sadistic. She really does not like Kanade.