Kanade Tsukishiro



Personal Data
Name Kanade Tsukishiro (月城奏; Tsukishiro Kanade)
Age (Rainbow Live) 14
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Character Trait The Knowledge of Idol
Special Skill Cooking
Affiliation Prism Stone
Rainbow Academy
Futuring Girl
Animal Coach Poppi
Prism Live Instrument Drums
Fashion Element Cool
Theme Color Aqua Blue
Romantic Interest Yuu Suzuno
Anime Debut (Tail Of Rainbow) Episode 1
Family Members Tsukishiro Wakaba (Father)
Tsukishiro Yurika (Mother)
Tsukishiro Kaede (twin sister)
Japanese Yuu Serizawa
Kanade Gallery

Kanade Tsukishiro (月城奏; Tsukishiro Kanade) is one of main character from Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse. She is Sora Hoshina's bestfriend and Tsukishiro Kaede's twin sisters.


Kanade prefers her hair to be worn a side ponytail and rarely lets it loose, where it has a curl. She has darkish blue eyes and wears cool type clothes.


She is a bright girl that admires idols even though she is one. Due to her huge knowledge of idols. Kanade and Kaede are twin sisters, their relationship is not good. it's probably because she works in prism stone while Kaede in edel rose. She is a big fan of Happy Rain.


  • she share a same seiyuu with Fukuhara Ann.