She is one of the characters of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. She is a popular Prism Star and model. Her style is cool and her color is purple. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a musician.


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She is headstrong along with not being very honest, she is very lax and cold, has a sharp tongue, saying quite harsh things to just about anyone, has a tsundere personality, meaning that when she gets happy or embarassed, she acts like she doesn't care or gets angry, although she is actually happy on the inside. She knows how to apply make-up on, an straight-forward girl, can feel the "heat" of the music, she also doesn't socialize with people either, though she is always saying her thoughts, there are times when she doesn't say anything if she wants to complain, she can play any instrument (mostly electric guitar) and often dresses like a typical boy would.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism JumpEdit

Flowers Sparks- she was twirling in the air with Lilly's and Tulips petals around her. "Flowers Sparks" Then the petals spread everywhere. After doing the Prism Jump and spread out her arms, the rose petals were falling down and spread out. Either they into more petals or fireworks.


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